POD Technology

Our Precision Olfactory Delivery (POD) devices deliver drugs to the upper nasal cavity for direct transport through the nose-to-brain pathway. This region is the only part of the body where primary brain neurons are exposed to the outside environment. Due to the lack of a significant biological membrane barrier and the passive diffusion nature of the transport, studies have shown that both small molecules and biologics can be delivered along this pathway, leading up to 100 fold increases in brain concentration compared to IV dosing.

The primary challenge in achieving significant nose-to-brain drug delivery is depositing drug on the olfactory region of the nasal cavity. Due to the complex architecture of the nasal cavity, drug delivered with standard nasal devices such as droppers, sprays, or pumps typically deposit less than 5% of drug in the olfactory region and thus, does not provide a significant level of direct nose-to-brain delivery.

Our POD device technology results in greater than 50% deposition in this region. Uptake into the central nervous system is substantially enhanced in comparison to other nasal delivery devices which are quickly cleared by respiratory epithelium and absorbed into systemic circulation.